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LifeSpan Fitness

LifeSpan Fitness - C5i Upright Bike

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    The C5i offers a superior combination of durability, comfort, innovative features,

    and best of all, it won't break the bank. Designed with the end-user in mind, this upright cycle delivers an impact-free workout with the comfort of the oversized, padded seat. Your ride will be so comfortable you won't want your workout to come to an end. And with the large selection of exercise programs, it won't have to. There's an endless number of rides available at your fingertips.

    Get started with your fitness journey today with the C5i upright exercise bike from LifeSpan. Trust us, you won't regret it.



    Easy to Move 

    Self-Generating Power System
    Transport Wheels for Easy Mobility
    Commercial Components

      Unlike most exercise bikes, the C5i has an integrated self-generating power system providing power to all the bike’s electronics, so there's no power cords or batteries needing to be replaced every couple of months. The lack of a power cord also makes the bike easier to move into place. Simply lift the back-end of the bike and it's ready to roll on its transport wheels.

      Superior hardware directly translates into higher caliber, longer-lasting products. LifeSpan's dedication to quality is on full display with the C5i upright cycle's enhanced drive system. The commercial bottom bracket with over-sized bearings and strong, cast-metal components make the upright quiet, reliable, and durable. In short, the C5i stationary upright bike will last you years to come.



      Exercise Programs For Every Goal

      34 Exercise Programs
      4 Heart Rate Training Programs
      2 Custom User Programs

         Appropriate for all levels of fitness, the LifeSpan C5i includes a variety of easy-to-navigate exercise programs designed specifically to help you meet your health and fitness goals. These programs are grouped for Weight Loss, Sports Training and Active Living. Plus, you get two types of heart rate training programs; Interval Heart Rate and Constant Heart Rate. In the Interval program, you set a minimum and maximum heart rate, letting the upright exercise bike control the resistance, taking your heart up to the maximum set rate and then back down all within preset interval program. For the Constant program, you set a single target heart rate, with the bike adjusting the resistance to keep you at your target. If you happen to want a program that doesn’t come standard, you can set up your own custom program with one of the two Customer User Program options. Whether you are looking to lose weight, enhance your cardio fitness level, or are simply looking to add some activity into your day, the C5i fits your needs.



        • Display Area - Multi-color LCD with simultaneous readouts, exercise program name and profile, and personal data
        • Heart Rate Monitor - Contact heart rate sensors
        • Programs - 4 heart rate programs, 2 customized user programs and 34 preset programs (10 weight management, 10 healthy living, 14 sports training)
        • Console Readouts - Program name, date and time, workout time, calories, RPM, distance, heart rate, speed, resistance level and watts
        • Easy to Use - Large, soft-touch keys — start, enter, up/down arrow keys and QuickSet™ button


        • Net Weight -2 lbs.
        • Flywheel -18 lbs.
        • Resistance Levels -16
        • Pedals -Self Balancing, Adjustable Straps
        • Resistance System -Magnetic - Eddy Current
        • Seat Adjustment -Height - 19 Positions
        • Seat -Molded, Contoured Seat
        • Transport -2 Rear-Mounted Wheels for Easy Mobility and Storage
        • Dimensions -5" L x 28" W x 56.5" H
        • User Weight -400 lbs.
        • Shipping Dimensions -Single Box: 31" L x 15"W x 35" H
        • Warranty

        Frame: Lifetime
        Parts: 5 Years
        Labor: 2 Years