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May 15, 2021 3 min read

Rowing can serve as a great alternative to running. Rowing is considered an effective exercise because it targets your muscles, bolsters your heart, and helps you burn calories. Although you can burn calories with running and Rowing, running targets your lower body while Rowing focuses on strengthening your upper and lower muscles.
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If running is your usual method of working out, you may decide to try Rowing as an alternative method of working out. Rowing is more of a low-impact exercise compared to running. You can totally enjoy the full benefits of Rowing with rowing machines even while you work out at home. Although they are not as popular as the treadmill in your gym, they are very effective. Rowing machines are trusted to strengthen your muscles efficiently. Just like running, Rowing also has great benefits to the human body. Here are some of the benefits of Rowing:

It Targets Your Entire Body

It's not uncommon that most people think rowing targets only the arms. But the truth is, Rowing is a total body workout. In fact, it uses over 85% of your muscles. Studies show that rowing stroke comprises 23-35% leg muscle workout and 65-75% upper body muscle workout. Rowing targets major muscles in your body such as your upper back, arms, obliques, and abdomen. It targets parts of your leg muscles such as the quadriceps, glutes, and calves.


It's a Low-impact Exercise

Rowing is low impact exercise which helps protect your joints from wear and tear. It is a great home workout

If you are looking to gain active recovery, Rowing should be your best bet. Even with low pressure, Rowing effectively burns calories in your body. It doesn't add extra pressure and stress to your joints and body. It gives you control over your body's motion and speed. Rowing is also recommended in early-stage osteoarthritis.


Rowing Connects With Your Mind

Even while you are indoor, you can still enjoy the soothing benefits of Rowing. The rowing machine provides a repetitive gliding motion that relaxes your mind. Row stroke stages include catch, drive, finish, and recovery. These processes help to reduce stress by stimulating the body to release endorphins.

Rowing is a good training for your mind body connection, it helps strengthen your mind and build muscle, good as a home workout

Good for People in All Fitness Level

With a rowing machine, you can fully enjoy the benefits of Rowing regardless of your fitness level.  According to 2015 research, rowing consistently for five days a week in 6 weeks can significantly reduce the total body fat of an individual. It reduces the cholesterol level and enhances their endurance.

It's a Cardio Exercise

The intensity of Rowing is incredibly beneficial to your cardiovascular system. It strengthens your heart to perform its function of pumping blood more effectively. It enhances the blood vessels to transport essential nutrients around the body. Additionally, people who are at risk of developing heart problems can greatly benefit from Rowing.

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It's Safer For People With Vision Problems

For people with poor sight, Rowing is a better workout option rather than running. They might find it difficult to settle with running on a treadmill, but Rowing allows them to find their balance on the machine.


Rowing Machines Are Great Alternative Options To Treadmills

Woman using rowing machine for a great cardio strength at home workout
At first, rowing machines do not usually get a lot of attention at the gym.  But when compared with treadmills, the benefits of rowing machines becomes more evident. Treadmills targets your lower body but rowing machines focus on your whole body. Additionally, rowing machines are great options if you want to work out from home because they are more affordable and quieter than treadmills.


There you have it! Above are some of the amazing benefits of rowing. Rowing isn't meant for outdoor purposes alone. You can benefit from rowing machines if you intend to get fit from home.

Vera Kolesnik
Vera Kolesnik


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