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April 06, 2021 4 min read


Staying fit by working out regularly helps keep you healthier. However, several individuals haven’t been able to visit the gym for some time now due to COVID-19 movement restrictions and shelter-in-place orders. In order to realize their personal fitness goals during the lockdown, a lot of people have turned to working out from home and virtual workout sessions. For others, finding the motivation for at-home workouts can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated while working out from home.

Remember Your “Why?”

Why are you working out? What are you looking to achieve with your workout session? When having doubts about choosing your coach or putting on your sneakers, connecting to the reasons why you want to be healthy and fit is the first thing you should look at. Whether you go to the gym or workout at home, having clarity on why you are doing this should be at the very core of your action.
Many people are driven by wanting to lose weight or wanting to look great physically. However, if we dig a little bit deeper, the primary reason we are doing this is to help us live a happy and joyful life. That joyful life may look and feel different to everyone. For some, it is being able to play with their kids or take care of their parents. For others, their joyful life could be looking great in those jeans or denim shorts when you go out. Notwithstanding the reason, find a way to remind yourself of what it is. You can note it down or write it in your workout journal. Whatever you do, keep it handy and visible.


Set Up Your Special Workout Area

Another way to stay motivated while working out from home is to set aside a separate space for exercising. Having a dedicated workout area is very important. This way, your mind knows that when you are there, it’s time to work out. However, if your house or apartment doesn’t have that much extra space, you can purchase a storage box where you can store all your fitness gear. Thus, making it easier to pull them out when it’s time to exercise.
Moreover, we don’t want your space to become cluttered. Neither do we want you to be looking at your dumbbells for over two days laying out in the open, as this is often the case for the small equipment. Your treadmill, rower, or elliptical will stay steady exactly where it is placed. Unless you own a collapsible version – check out our collection of collapsible fitness equipment; these machines really help you to maximize space in your home.


Schedule Your Workout Time

What’s more, having a set time for when you plan to workout generally helps to honor that time. Life can easily get in the way and you will be surprised how the day and the week just run away from you. Set a specific time – let’s say Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays at 6pm. Once that becomes your workout time – i.e. your self-love and therapy time – you can get into a habit of honoring it. Hang a schedule next to your computer and mark targeted exercise dates and next to it.

Have an Exercise Plan

While we love being spontaneous, your fitness routine is not made for that. If you are like most people, you probably used to enjoy a good exercise class. I personally love exercise classes because, despite my multiple fitness and yoga training certifications, I love when someone just tells me what to do. It takes a while to know a perfect set of exercises that will work for you. Likewise, it requires a lot of energy to look for new exercises to add to the mix. We recommend getting a subscription to one of our favorite trainers. These fitness experts will guide you step-by-step, and all you have to do is show up and follow through.


Celebrate Your Success

Finally, it is very important to celebrate your success after achieving your fitness milestones. Possible ways to celebrate include sharing your results and accomplishments with your friends, posting a pic on social media (don’t forget to tag @Coolfitco) or just writing down what you have accomplished in your journal. Celebrating your success helps you appreciate how far you have come. Start a WhatsApp group with a few of your friends, share your workout plan, keep each other accountable, and celebrate each other’s success. Besides, working out in groups will also help in keeping you motivated.


There you have it! Above are some ways to stay motivated while working out from home. The fact that you are staying or working from home doesn’t mean you should neglect your personal fitness goals. Remember your reason for working out, set up a dedicated workout area and a scheduled workout time, create a feasible exercise plan, and celebrate your success. By following the tips, you can do more at-home workouts.



Vera Kolesnik
Vera Kolesnik


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